Just the Facts, Ma’am

Tyson and RuthMy name is Ruth Frasur, and, currently, I’m the director of the Hagerstown – Jefferson Township Library.  This site was initiated as a journal for the S503 Information Representation class in the IU SLIS School at Indianapolis taught by Josh Plaskoff.  After the class, this became one more abandoned internet artifact.  Now, I’m reviving it and turning it into something else.  All the original content is still here, but I’ll be adding both professional comment as well as a bunch of personal stuff.  Please note that anything I say is my view alone and doesn’t represent the views or mission of the Hagerstown Library in any way (unless it does…you’ll be able to tell the difference).

be_strongEven so, I think so much of us gets lost in the things we don’t say and the things we self censor.  There’s a difference between thoughtful reflection paired with self editing and the demise of conversation for the sake of conflict avoidance.  I don’t know about you, but as I age, I’d rather have the conversation and potential conflict than have those opportunities to connect be lost forever.


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