Digital Sugar Daddy?

Marketing PuzzleI’m still thinking about leveraging the power of the software behind Polyvore to reinvent the bricks and mortar retail experience.  I’m reminded of a conversation that I heard recently about the changing face of journalism with the advent of social media.  The speaker was saying that in the past, an individual with a story would submit it to the news distributor who, after vetting (to whatever degree) the information, would pay the journalist.  Now, with services such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others, news is often posted and news agencies take advantage of the “free” information.  There is now conversation that that just isn’t fair.  There’s rumblings of how to compensate content providers rather than just boosting their Klout scores. Continue reading


Re-experience Retail

Afternoon OutEvery now and then, I just like to mess around on the internet.  Some people play games.  Some people go to forums.  Some people…well, they do other things.  Because the internet is so integral to my profession, I find that most of those things feel too much like work.  One thing that I’ve found to go, however, is Polyvore.  If you’re not familiar with this site, I like to compare it to Fashion Plates.  Remember them?  You could create outfits by choosing different plates and then creating crayon rubbings.  Polyvore is similar in that you can choose different outfit components from a wide variety of online retailers and other content providers.  You then assemble these components into a style sheet.  You can even create entire collections of outfits.  Basically, you get to go pretend shopping in some of the highest end stores with no risk and no dirty looks. Continue reading

The Technological Bogeyman

girl techOkay, here’s the thing.  We humans?  We like to groups things.  In fact, we like to group ourselves.   We like to be in groups and we like to put others in groups.

There are all these groups of people related to technology.  There are the architects, the enthusiasts, the collectors, the hackers, the climbers, the disdainers and those afraid of the technological bogeyman.  Continue reading

Raspberry Pi ala Mode

Our library recently ordered a couple Raspberry Pi Model Bs.  When I say “our library,” I mean “me.”  I did it.  I didn’t really ask for approval.  Well, I’m the boss…so, there’s that.pi_skippy_jon_jones

The truth is, I’d heard of the Raspberry Pi when it came out and wasn’t particularly interested.  Yeah, I thought it was cool that some UK company wanted to make programming more accessible.  I just didn’t feel like I had enough time to devote to learning something brand new.  Please note that my last programming foray was one class of C++ several years ago.  Before that, it was Basic in high school.  Please also note that I’m a library director, not a computer builder/programmer/anything. Continue reading