Stuff I Shouldn’t Write

So, sometimes, against my own better judgment, I write things that should just rattle around in my head instead of being made public.  But here’s the thing.  My husband and I went to friends’ house last night and spent several hours.  They drank beer.  I drank cider (2) and margaritas (3).  They drink regularly.  I do not.  I didn’t plan on doing anything this weekend.  An employee called in sick and so I had to go to work today…the day after the night out. Continue reading


I <3 My Job

Okay.  Not all the time.  Sometimes, I get bogged down the administrative bureaucracy of it all.  Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I waste my time in public service.  I mean, there ARE jobs out there that pay nice paychecks and don’t involve tax funding and all that.  Why not jump into the capitalist pool and have a nice, long soak?  I.  Like.  Money. Continue reading

Something We’re Doing

Please pardon the quick and dirtiness of this post.  I’ll get right to it.

Our library (Hagerstown – Jefferson Township Library) is finding its identity.  I truly believe that part of the problem in “library land” right now is a struggle for identity.  We’re trying to do it all and, in the process, we’re losing ourselves.  Hmm.  I think that means that libraries are going through a midlife crisis.  Nothing wrong with that.  It happens to everyone and everything.  There’s the initial excitement and oohs and ahhs and then everything settles into a routine and then the routine becomes a rut and then you wake up one morning and wonder how you ended up here and what the point is. Continue reading

Ode to a School Librarian

This article may or may not appear in the Nettle Creek Gazette depending on if the editor thinks I’m poking the bear too hard.school_library_word_map

No group of librarians has been more under siege in recent history than the school librarian or media specialist.  As a public librarian, I don’t have any insider information on why this is happening.  My suspicion (and experience in my home school district) is that the budget is being used as justification for the cutting of this position within schools.  Arguments have also been made that ubiquitous technology has rendered the school library obsolete. Continue reading

The Writing Rule I Hate

I was recently talking with Tricia Fields, author of The Territory, Scratchgravel Road, and the upcoming “Wrecked.” She was saying that some of the worst advice ever is “writing what you know.” Her reasons were much the same as Scott’s. Two writers I respect saying the same thing? Might be some good advice.

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

Broken PencilI need to begin with Diane Rehm.

See, one of my little obsessions is The Diane Rehm Show and I listen to her about four to five hours a week. I even get the podcast, and when I am helping one of my children to fall asleep, usually I am listening to her take a caller on my phone’s headphones. And, to let you in on a secret, when I play “interview” in my mind she or Terry Gross are the ones asking the questions. I’m not the only person who does this, right? You are out someplace and suddenly an interview forms in your head. Before you know it, you are saying aloud: “Well, Diane, when I first came up with the idea…”

Okay, that might have been too much information. Moving on!

Anyway, a few years ago she had on a popular writer. I can’t remember who the…

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