When I Die

I want people to smile at my memory like I smile at the memory of my foster mom, Carol Sheets.  She was, in no way, a perfect person, but she was a force of nature that had a vision for goodness and actually strove to bring that vision to life. Continue reading


I <3 My Job

Okay.  Not all the time.  Sometimes, I get bogged down the administrative bureaucracy of it all.  Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I waste my time in public service.  I mean, there ARE jobs out there that pay nice paychecks and don’t involve tax funding and all that.  Why not jump into the capitalist pool and have a nice, long soak?  I.  Like.  Money. Continue reading

The Push and the Pull of Family and Holidays

Thanksgiving-Turkey-DinnerNormally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It’s a time to get together and just enjoy being a family.  We generally spend it with my husband’s family and that’s been okay.  Not this year though.  Because of this and that, they’ve decided to combine Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Now, maybe you’ve one of those families where Christmas is more like my Thanksgiving.  Maybe you get together and make cookies and eat turkey and whatever.  In my husband’s family, that’s what it looks like on the outside.  Continue reading