This site began as a project for an MLS class re: information classification and categorization and how to manage it taught by Josh Plaskoff at the Indiana University SLIS school in Indianapolis.  Then I started adding stuff to it.

I don’t always write about libraries and other stuff, but when I do, it’s usually a bunch of BS.

Please note that I choose to be self-deprecating not because of a low self-esteem but, rather, the opposite.  It’s a personal way of balancing.  When I say “crap” or “BS,” more than criticizing, I’m classifying something without giving it a higher place than I believe it deserves.  There are a few things that I do not consider crap or BS.  Here is the list (it is not exhaustive).  These are the filters through which I exist and interact.

  • The creation of all by YHWH for His glory.
  • The redemptive and loving sacrifice of Jesus, the Son of YHWH and part of the Godhead or triune God.
  • The miraculous nature of life and the inherent value of the individual as a creature formed of matter and also possessing a God-breathed spirit.
  • The temporally bound, physical world as a snapshot of a broader existence.
  • The lifespan of the individual as a proving ground for what comes after.

Honestly, I don’t make a big deal about any of these things very often.  You should know, however, that they are my foundational values.

So, when I say that something is BS or crap, it means that, in the final analysis – in a refining fire, I believe it’d be burned away.  Am I right in this?  I honestly don’t know.  My word isn’t the final word, so perhaps what I think is useless or worthless does have some value.


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