Stuff I Shouldn’t Write

So, sometimes, against my own better judgment, I write things that should just rattle around in my head instead of being made public.  But here’s the thing.  My husband and I went to friends’ house last night and spent several hours.  They drank beer.  I drank cider (2) and margaritas (3).  They drink regularly.  I do not.  I didn’t plan on doing anything this weekend.  An employee called in sick and so I had to go to work today…the day after the night out. Continue reading


When I Die

I want people to smile at my memory like I smile at the memory of my foster mom, Carol Sheets.  She was, in no way, a perfect person, but she was a force of nature that had a vision for goodness and actually strove to bring that vision to life. Continue reading

I <3 My Job

Okay.  Not all the time.  Sometimes, I get bogged down the administrative bureaucracy of it all.  Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I waste my time in public service.  I mean, there ARE jobs out there that pay nice paychecks and don’t involve tax funding and all that.  Why not jump into the capitalist pool and have a nice, long soak?  I.  Like.  Money. Continue reading