Check Your Footing

250px-SureFootedUnrankedToday’s reading Psalm 1:1-3.

I often forget the simplicity of this passage. If you get the chance, just read the entire Psalm. It’s nourishing. For me, however, it’s practical.

Like most devout(ish) people, I’m surrounded by people who have a different perspective on the world.  That’s not said in some veiled condemnation or anything, it’s just the truth.  My life focus is on the person of Jesus Christ and living my life toward Him.  That’s not to say that I’m always successful or that my living is particularly noteworthy.  Again, it’s just who/what I am.

Even so, I’m as distracted by as many, if not more, things as the next person.  Last night, I was particularly struggling with using a line of credit to buy our children more of a Christmas than we can really afford.  I kept thinking “if I ask this person, they’ll tell me it’s okay.”  “If I need agreement, that person will make me feel better about doing this.”  Well, I’m glad that, for once, something resembling wisdom prevailed and I chose to wait to make a final decision until today.

Today, I read how blessed a person is who doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand with sinners or sit with scoffers.  Instead that person delights in the law of the Lord and meditates on it constantly.  That person is described as someone who will be like a tree planted near water (a plant that doesn’t wither and die at the changing of the seasons…providing shade and food and home) that bears fruit in season and who is successful.

Yes, I’d love to buy a PS3 for my children with the games I know they’d love and all the accessories.  I can imagine their faces lighting up and days being filled with seeing them play together and enjoying our time as a family.  But, at what cost?  More financial shackles?  Even though I know…everyone does it.  Maybe it’s better that I don’t ask people who I know will make me feel better.  Maybe it’s better that I just do what I know is right.