My NaNoWriMo novel in 19 chapters

I wasn’t going to do this. There are just so many other things. But this story has been rolling around in my head for a few years, and I was encouraged to just do it. If you’re one of the encouragers, this is all your fault. So, here it is. The Verge by me.

  1. Ch. 1 – A Thousand Stars and a Tray of Silver: in which Sera enters the gaming hall for the first time. #theverge
  2. Ch. 2 – Plasma Swords Aren’t Real: in which Minho and Sera meet. #thevergenovel
  3. Ch. 3 – The View from On High: in which Nathan is given new responsibilities for the administration of Chennai City #thevergenovel
  4. Ch. 4 – All Good Things Must…: in which Sera finishes concierge training and Minho rises thru the ranks of Achilles Corps. #thevergenovel
  5. Ch. 5 – Flash in the Pan: in which Malachi wakes up conscious but unable to control his body #thevergenovel
  6. Ch. 6 – He Who Wears the Crown: in which Nathan learns more about the game from his father and Alex. #thevergenovel
  7. Ch. 7 – The Sigh of Repose: in which Minho and Sera have a day off and explore their childhoods together #thevergenovel
  8. Ch. 8 – A Ladder to the Sky: in which Minho is promoted into the elite division of Achilles Corp & gets a life he dreamed of #thevergenovel
  9. Ch. 9 – Putting Lipstick on a Pig: in which jealousy and competition threaten Sera #thevergenovel
  10. Ch. 10 – Wherever You Are: In which Minho struggles with his new lifestyle and responsibilities and Sera helps out. #thevergenovel
  11. Ch. 11 – The Machine in the Ghost: in which Malachi awakens to a disconcerting scene #thevergenovel
  12. Ch. 12 – Sera and the Devil: Sera meets Nathan and new conflict begins #thevergenovel
  13. Ch. 13 – Whispers in the Dark: Sera overhears a conversation between Alex and Nathan that shakes her world #thevergenovel
  14. Ch. 14 – Truth Be Told: in which Minho learns the whole truth and struggles with it. #thevergenovel
  15. Ch. 15 – Pregame Festivities: in which Minho finally tells Sera the whole truth #thevergenovel
  16. Ch. 16 – A Fury of Blood: in which Sera does NOT kill Nathan, there R more revelations about Alex & Sera leaves Chennai City #thevergenovel
  17. Ch. 17 – Casting of the Lots: in which Nathan is injured trying to save Sera from the game #thevergenovel
  18. Ch. 18 – Aladdin’s Lamp: in which Minho makes a choice #thevergenovel
  19. Ch. 19 – The Scourge: in which the consequences of choices are felt. #theend #thevergenovel
  20. @rfrasur @HeatherLibrary have you thought who will be cast for the movie roles:)
  21. @loathout @HeatherLibrary Oh no. I don’t want to watch the movie. Just wanna read the book.
  22. @loathout @HeatherLibrary Okay, Natalie Portman as Sera, Daniel Day-Lewis as Alfred Branson, Daniel Henney as Nathan and Zac Efron as Minho.