The Technological Bogeyman

girl techOkay, here’s the thing.  We humans?  We like to groups things.  In fact, we like to group ourselves.   We like to be in groups and we like to put others in groups.

There are all these groups of people related to technology.  There are the architects, the enthusiasts, the collectors, the hackers, the climbers, the disdainers and those afraid of the technological bogeyman. 

Say what?  Yes, the bogeyman that comes dressed in an electrostatic protective sleeve trailing multi-colored cables that he uses to flail non-early adopters while singing an eerie song about USB, PCI, RAM, ethernet, MAC address, and terror…sheer terror.  *momentary shudder.


Maybe you’re wondering about this somewhat nonsensical rant.  You gotta understand.  I’m a librarian.  Librarians are those people that are supposedly around to help people connect with information whether that information is contained in a book, a database or another person.  We’re the ones that find the knowledge silos and help people get the seeds and grain of knowledge out.  MANY of those knowledge silos require technological keys to open.  If there are, within the ranks of librarians, people who are afraid of the technological bogeyman, for whatever reason, we’ve got a problem.  I mean “we” as in “society.”

I don’t have all the answers.  There are many and conflicting and their discussion could take up many thousand pages (oh, it already has).  I do, however, know that librarianship is no place for the technological faint of heart.

That is all (for now).


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