Raspberry Pi Opacified

So, here’s the summary of today’s adventure with the Raspberry Pi.
  1. The process 4 the #raspberrypiassembly begins w/ unboxing things & attaching Pi using VESA mount. Using this video. 
  2. Okay, the first step for the #raspberrypiassembly is actually unboxing things and then assembling the monitor. Urk. Where’s my assistant?
  3. I was hoping to find a monitor laying around but, unfortunately, none of them had the VESA mount capability and I really was going for that with this first try.  The next one will have a different case and will allow the use of an older monitor.
  4. A note re: the #raspberrypiassembly monitor. It’s the cheapest one I could get at Walmart. They gave me a $.97 discount making it was $99.
  5. #raspberrypiassembly done! Just kidding. Thos four holes on the back are how the comp will be attached.
  6. First mistake. Should have only attached two of the tabs first. Unscrewing. #raspberrypiassembly twitter.com/rfrasur/status/…
  7. There are few things I’ve gotten more use out of than that $25 Evolv toolbox from Sears.  Please note that all the information for getting to this point is contained in the 10 minute YouTube video upstream.
  8. #raspberrypiassembly okay, here it is ready to go on the monitor. That wasn’t bad at all. twitter.com/rfrasur/status/…
  9. It’s hard to explain if you don’t already get it how cool this is.  That is a computer on the back of a monitor.  THAT little bit of green is the computer.
  10. #raspberrypiassembly the first part is done. Time for the next larger step. twitter.com/rfrasur/status/…
  11. I can’t really overstate how important it is to think about how things are going to work together.  I don’t understand all the coding and infrastructure that allow this to work, but I do understand that there is constant exchange of information going on.  Think about how that’s going to happen.  I knew I’d need an HDMI to VGA adapter because HDMI is a newer technology generally reserved for higher quality displays – NOT the monitor I was going to be using.
  12. Learning software after a brief wrestle with hardware is difficult.  I’m glad that I didn’t plan to do this all in one day.  I think getting the thing running and online was a noble enough goal for one day.
  13. #raspberrypiassembly Deep breath. Pictures 2 follow in a few. I’m 2 the point of dealing w/ Linux. All the hardware is functioning.
  14. #raspberrypiassembly At the point where I want 2 the kiddy illustrated Linux how-2 book. Will rely on the wiki. elinux.org/RPi_Beginners
  15. #raspberrypiassembly And the first boot. Well, the pre-first boot.
  16. #raspberrypiassembly And Raspian is installing. This is the first install. Actually now on 2nd because I got stuck. pic.twitter.com/KNlO8DLr9a
  17. Yes, I’ll be getting a t-shirt.  How cute is that raspberry?
  18. #raspberrypiassembly It’s running! Now to rig it up to some internet and see if we can’t OPACify it. twitter.com/rfrasur/status/…
  19. And the money shot.  There she is….and I love her like a child.
  20. #raspberrypiassembly and here she is. It runs very slow so I’m gonna fuss around a little. twitter.com/rfrasur/status/…
  21. #raspberrypiassembly Okay folks – that’s it for today with the Raspberry Pi OPAC. It’s working but not like a charm. More to come…later.

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