Be shepherded

The congregation of our church, Hanna’s Creek Christian Church, has been challenged to pray through the 23rd Psalm for a month.  While I’m generally not a big fan of challenges based on my long history of failing, I accidentally committed to this one.  I guess that’s what you get for not listening fully to what the pastor is saying.  Either way, it’s pretty hard to begrudge the words of David inspired by God as an opportunity to talk with God.  So, I’m not really complaining, just pointing out how I get in these situations. Continue reading


Daydreaming about Jane

Book CoverA Jane Austen Daydream by Scott Southard is exactly what it says it is – a daydream about the iconic 19th century author of romantic novels including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility.  This is Scott’s third or fourth published novel following Megan and My Problem with Doors (and possibly Three Days in Rome).  He also has an older story being published as a novel imminently (Maximilian Standforth and the Case of the Dangerous Dare).  You can read my thoughts about My Problem with Doors here, but what we’re really here for is A Jane Austen Daydream. Continue reading

The Technological Bogeyman

girl techOkay, here’s the thing.  We humans?  We like to groups things.  In fact, we like to group ourselves.   We like to be in groups and we like to put others in groups.

There are all these groups of people related to technology.  There are the architects, the enthusiasts, the collectors, the hackers, the climbers, the disdainers and those afraid of the technological bogeyman.  Continue reading

Be Strong and Take Courage

Today’s Bible reading, Psalm 27:13 – 14, can be found here.

There’s been a series on NPR recently about the afterlife and the beliefs of different religions.  I haven’t listened to all of them, but I was particularly interested in what the invited atheist had to say.  Meanwhile, on social media, there’s been a discussion about how to reconcile the existence of God with the problem of evil.  Continue reading