Staring at the Blank Page

How many times have I driven down the road and had that orbit shifting thought and said to myself, “I should really write this down?”  Then I begin thinking about ways to record those orbit shifting thoughts.  Then I’m all ready to preserve for posterity those ideas that will change the course of humanity.  I’m ready.  Right now.  Time to start preserving, preparing, planning…

And, then I don’t want to anymore.  I don’t want to take the thought out of my head and share it with anyone.  It’s mine, I tell you.  Mine.  All mine.

But how orbit shifting is a thought that never makes it out of one’s head?  It’s only potential energy.  Potential energy is worthless if it never becomes kinetic.

But potential energy is safe and warm and comfortable and good for a conversation starter with certain groups of people – certain types of people.

Kinetic energy can be explosive, uncontrollable, messy, painful and ugly.  It can force peripheral potential energy into motion against its will.

*deep sigh*

And so, for the moment, I’d rather stare at a blank page.  There’s no reason to share those thoughts.  You can have yours, and I’ll have mine, and let’s just sit here listening to the breeze and watching the birds use up all their kinetic energy.


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