Directing a Vacation


Let no one tell you differently.  Public service, unless you’re unionized (maybe) or elected (sometimes), will not make you independently wealthy.  There will be times when you wonder if your paycheck is going to be enough to pay for you to both go to work and come home again.  In my case, driving a round-trip of 1.5 hours (with no traffic and highway speeds), even independent wealth would be taxed by the amount of fossil fuels I consume.

Even so, public employees often get vacations.  They’re just don’t necessarily involve lazing around in the South Pacific.  I’ve been on vacation for nearly ten days now (including weekends and a holiday).  During that time, I’ve worked a considerable amount thanks to the internet and the ubiquity of computing devices.  I’ve also contemplated my role in the library.  At this point, I haven’t sussed out a whole thought, but it’s leaning toward the fact that I really like working at home on some days.  On other days, I couldn’t be less bothered.


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