What Goes Around…

Comes back around, they call it karma…karma…I don’t wanna harm ya.

So, when I saw this dude…

and found out that he, Tiger JK, was born on the exact same day as me (figure it out, if you must), I decided to have a fan crush on him.  Except I didn’t like hip-hop or rap music.  I don’t have to like the music to be a fan, right?

I generally don’t crush on celebrities, but when they’re hot and born in the Year of the Tiger under the sign of the Lion…  It’s worth breaking with tradition.

Until I realized this..

and this…

and then I decided it was too creepy to crush on some dude w/ an awesome family (even if he has awesome abs as well).

Pragmatism and Parasocial Relationship just don’t jive.

Even so, I found some good music. Tiger JK, his wife Yoon Mirae (aka Tasha – a great artist in her own right), and DJ Bizzy recently released a new album under the name MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours).  Their initial cut, Sweet Dream, wasn’t actually meant as the debut for MFBTY, but…things happen.  Tiger JK is perhaps more known as the lead for Drunken Tiger.  Catch this fun interview w/ MFBTY and then my two favorite Tiger JK songs, 8:45 (Heaven) and Convenience Store (w/ Yoonmirae and SO much fun)


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