Small Group Reflection – Knowledge Management

Okay, I know. We didn’t have a small group activity for this class. I did want to note, however, that I enjoyed the conversation about Josh’s workplace predicament. In work and in life, it’s easy to say one thing and expect another. There’s a tendency among management (and people, in general) to define their goal as one thing because it sounds nice when they actually have completely different priorities – perhaps less magnanimous but just as valid. They talk about wanting community because they know that people show up for community. What they actually want are people to show up at their website to get downloads and ask technical questions and maybe even see what software is coming next. They definitely DON’T want dissension and criticism, an important part of community.

As we become more and more responsible for high level responsibilities in our careers, it will become very necessary that we observe, interpret, and communicate with those around us. All the skills that we’ve been hearing about since birth (it seems) – listening, paying attention, thinking first, talking last – are vital to our effectiveness in whatever role we find ourselves.


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