Abstract – Faceted Classification

Hunter, E. J. “Chapter 3: Faceted Classification.” Classification Made Simple. (2002) pp. 8-24

A facet is a fundamental aspect of an entity that has more than one fundamental aspect. To create a faceted classification, the fundamental aspects of various entities must be determined based on analysis. Related aspects are grouped and given a notational symbol. The resulting scheme can then be represented in an array. The classifier chooses in which order to produce citations and schedule. Citation order will be hierarchically determined based on the needs of the user of the classification system. As the classification scheme becomes more exhaustive, an appropriately arranged index will make the scheme more usable. An introduction to the classification scheme will also provide users with information about how the scheme may be used.

~ R. F.


One thought on “Abstract – Faceted Classification

  1. Josh says:

    Good concise abstract

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