Representation Group Activity Reflection

This is a little late. Not sure if matters terribly although the further from the activity, the harder it is to remember important moments.

For this small group activity, our group had to use song as a representation system to communicate library science as a field. The point was how the systems of representations limit how we can communicate because the representation systems are limited.

This was a pretty fun activity, although like most committees sometimes one person can throw a wrench into the works.

I thought it was really interesting how each group was describing library science, but each description was so unique and focused on really diverse aspects of the field.


One thought on “Representation Group Activity Reflection

  1. Josh says:

    Add a bit more about how this and the other representation attempts enriched/challenged your notion of representation. How did the modelling domains affect what you could do with the target domain? What limitations/advantages did each of you have? What types of decisions did you have to make?

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