Riding around in my automobile

That’s what it’s like leaving the parking garage.

Anyway, one of the best things about the drive between Indy and Liberty is getting to listen to the radio.  My normal music station fades out pretty quickly, and I’ve been awful about getting a decent audiobook to listen to on my way out west (okay…out west is a little dramatic).  So, of course, I turn on NPR.  I start out listening to the station out of Cincinnati, which inevitably fades right as the story is getting good.  Today I was learning about the need for large predators in the ocean to restore health to those waters and the planet.  As usual it faded right at the good part, and I turned to WFYI.

So, when I leave class on Thursday evenings, my drive home usually includes the last bit of Radiolab, part of The Story (insert station fade here), When Radio Was (out of Cincy), and part of Echos.  Let me just say….Indy kicks Cincy’s butt as far as NPR stations go although I’m getting pretty intrigued with the Ma Perkins soap opera (real soap….Oxydol White).  Brad, who just escaped from an insane asylum to kill his wife, has just been pushed out of a third story window of the boarding house, and the wife (can’t remember her name) is trying to rush Joe down the back stairs to prevent him from being accused of murder (though it was self defense).

Anyway, I digress.

Tonight, because we got out early, I was able to listen to a larger portion of Radiolab.  Imagine my surprise when the entire program turned out to be about language and its role in our mental processes.  I’m including the link that actually contains much more than was on the show.  When I heard the conversation, I literally wanted to come back into the classroom with everyone (obviously not realistic) and say “Hey!  We just talked about this.  You have to hear this!”  Honestly, I was so excited that I actually got a little teary eyed.  Silly, but who cares?  It’s cool when timing is so perfect.



One thought on “Riding around in my automobile

  1. Josh says:

    I only had a little time to listen to a snippet of this (“Oh everything has a name!” I love it). Anyway, you can say it now– damn you Josh!

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