Applying the concepts of data, info, knowledge, and wisdom to life

Okay, this comment will be pretty brief for a couple reasons.   First, I’m writing it too far from the actual event.  It’s ridiculous trying to accurately reflect on something once the initial fervor has worn off.  Second, I honestly didn’t like the activity.

For our envelope activity, our group had to write a job description for a librarian using data, information, knowledge, and wisdom to explain their various responsibilities.  From my perspective, this was pretty hard because we seemed to be charged with fitting multifaceted tasks into this nice, neat little boxes that aren’t nice or neat.  It was also pretty difficult to write something in committee that would more likely be written by one person in practice and, hopefully, proofread and sent back for revision by another.

Although I probably learned something (that’s inevitable when one pays attention), the exercise was more frustrating than satisfying; creating more controversy in my mind than resolution.  For the most part, I’ve concluded (at least temporarily…and largely because of this exercise) that while there is a certain tangibility to data; info, knowledge, and wisdom are very fluid constructs that can form and reform and diverge and converge.  They are constantly becoming more and different and more concrete and more abstract and smaller and huge.


One thought on “Applying the concepts of data, info, knowledge, and wisdom to life

  1. Josh says:

    You did recognize that they are fluid, but did you also have any observations about the role of the librarian in relation to them? We generally don’t think of them this way. What impact does the librarian have on info, data, and knowledge?

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