Reflections on Classroom Discussion for September 2 – Abstracting

After working on the assignment for this week, I was relieved by the discussion about abstracts.  Honestly, the reading was awful, and although I did read it…I had a hard enough time chewing it up, let alone digesting it.  The classroom discussion really helped me understand the differences between informative and indicative abstracting and I feel much more confident about moving forward with this portion of the course.  Of course, now I know that what I initially did for my journal is not nearly enough, but I think that’s okay…because now I know how to make it better.  As the class progresses (I know it’s only the second week), I enjoy learning more about my classmates, their backgrounds, goals, and what they bring to the table.  As a librarian(to-be), I tend to classify everything.  It must be an ingrained personality characteristic.  I want to know as much as possible about everything so that I know where it fits.  That even applies to myself, so I find myself comparing my characteristics with the characteristics I discover in others during discussion periods.  I also gain a better appreciation for the actual topic-at-hand.  I’ve used abstracts for years, beginning in grade school, and just thought “it’s a nice summary of the article.”  I never thought about the process and standards involved in producing those abstracts.  In fact, the only time I ever thought about abstracts was when I was cursing the fact that it was all that was available and I couldn’t access a full-text version with ease.  In the future, when reading (and writing) abstracts, I’ll be much more conscious of them as original works representing a larger, but not necessarily more useful, text.


One thought on “Reflections on Classroom Discussion for September 2 – Abstracting

  1. Josh says:

    Good. It’s amazing because most people don’t like the discussion about abstracting.

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