Week 2 Assignment

Pinto, M. and Lancaster, F. (1999). Abstracts and abstracting in knowledge discovery. Library Trends, 48(1), 234-248.

Informative Abstract

The role of abstracts as tools for knowledge discovery has evolved as electronic storage and retrieval mechanisms have progressed.  Despite the capacity to cost-effectively store and search the full text of many works, abstracts remain important text surrogates because they can be processed less expensively with similar results to full-text processing.  Various considerations based on the difficulty of qualifying aspects of information services are discussed along with proposed mechanisms for the quality assurance of abstracts.

Edit – After class on September 2, I felt like I needed to revisit this post and comment.  First, it completely stinks.  Not only did I write the wrong type of abstract and label it incorrectly, I also abstracted from the wrong set of articles and basically just didn’t get it.  I’m pretty confident that the next abstracts will be better.  Here’s hoping.


One thought on “Week 2 Assignment

  1. Josh says:

    Glad that you caught the issue.

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